Our Community

CCLT’s services and programs are centered around our priorities of community, housing, education and conservation.  Our programs are described below:

  • Provide permanent affordable housing and access to land for low-income people,
  • Build cooperative community and leadership opportunities,
  • Educate the broader community about the needs of low-income individuals and families,
  • Organize around issues of poverty with the goal of empowerment of peoples, and
  • Maintain land as a community asset.

Currently, CCLT owns and manages land for 27 families spread over five towns in Hancock County: Sedgwick, Dedham, Orland, Bucksport, and Franklin. Helping low-income families make the transition from renting what is often substandard housing to owning and taking pride in their own home is one of the hallmarks of CCLT. By removing land from the speculative market, CCLT makes affordable home ownership a reality for families who thought it was out of reach.